Nature’s Medicine Box

Imagine yourself wrapped in nature, strolling in the lavender fields with the wind blowing on your face and breathing in the relaxing aroma of fresh lavender. Now, bottle that soft, sweet scent and you’ll get lavender essential oil in a bottle. But, essential oils are more than the sweet smell it gives. They have healing properties among its other benefits.

Essential oils have been in existence as early as 2000 BC where it was common for the Egyptians to use these oils for spiritual care, cosmetics, food additive, and physical well-being. Stories of Cleopatra using oils, clay, aromatic, and salt from the Dead Sea can be found in several manuscripts.

But, what are essential oils? Essential oils are healing agents to enhance our mind, body, and spirit. These are extracted from plants, trees, berries, bark resins, and flowers. The oils are extracted in various ways and the most common of which are steam distillation, maceration and expression. It takes a lot to get one small bottle of oil. Imagine, you need sixty thousand rose blossoms to produce 1 Oz of rose essential oil and eight million jasmine blossoms to make 1 liter.

Essential oils come from various parts of the world. Some of these plants can only be found in one part of the world. They also differ in how they are extracted. Some are organic, certified organic and natural. Some even pass off synthetic fragrance for the real thing. For this reason, you need to be meticulous with your purchases. Try to buy from reputable sources that can vouch for its authenticity and make sure that you’re getting pure essential oil. When I was fairly new to essential oils, I got duped into purchasing an essential oil blend which is about 5-10 drops of essential mixed with 20 ml of base oil. An essential oil blend will never give you the healing properties that a pure one can.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions from the seller and read labels. Do some research of your own. Read books. Take classes and learn, learn, learn.